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Should Pay vs. Will Pay

When pricing new business, it’s important to think about both what you “should pay” and what you actually “will pay” to move a certain lane. 

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$100 is $100, Right?

Not all profit is created equal.  While $100 might be a nice profit on one load, it might not be nearly enough for a different

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Kinetic Web Series

I want to introduce our two web series: The Logistics of Marketing and From the Floor.   One of our goals at Kinetic is to provide

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What Service Isn’t

Losing money or staying late to cover a load isn’t necessarily an indication of good customer service. I wrote a LinkedIn post about this a

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2021 Tech Trends

2021 was a big year for Kinetic.  It was our first full year in business, and we’ve been busy – hosting webinars, expanding our service

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